To upload your website please read the instructions below:

1.You will need to obtain an FTP program, if you got our CD-ROM software there is an FTP program in the goodies folder there. You can also download an FTP program from We recommend WS_FTP or SmartFTP for Windows, Fetch or Transmit for MacOS.

2.Using the FTP program connect to with your login name & password

3.Open public_html directory and upload your web page files. Your main page should be called "index.html"

4.Then go to your web site address to make sure everything uploaded correctly.

If it doesn't upload correctly please check the following

  • Try hitting reload on your browser or quitting and starting it up again to make sure the page isn't in your cache
  • Your files are inside your account in a directory called "public_html"
  • Make sure your main page is called index.html, or index.htm
  • None of your files have spaces in the filenames and are case sensative.

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